Security Awareness Training For Employees 

We all know that talking about cyber security can be very overwhelming for the average person. Creating a culture of security awareness training for employees is important. We all use the internet, and it is this massive jungle with threats, threat actors, and malicious activity. That is exactly where Security Awareness Training steps in. It is your educator, reminder, and guide through that confusing jungle to keep your employees, company, and data safe. In this article, we will see why it is something we should all care about, even if this is not your forte! 

Why do we need security awareness training?

We have all heard of cyberattacks and scams happening. Usually, it is plastered all over the news. Security awareness training for employees gives you the clarity to see the dangers around you. It is about teaching employees to spot the hidden dangers, protecting yourselves, what to do, and who to notify if things go south.

What exactly is Security Awareness Training?  

Think of it as a special program that helps employees learn about the risks and how to be smart online. It is not about turning you into a computer genius, it is about giving you the tools to stay safe.  

What will you learn about Security Awareness Training?  

You will pick up skills that teach: 

  • Spotting tricky emails that want you to give out your passwords with ease.
  • How to create strong passwords and use password management to keep your accounts safe. 
  • The determination as to whether a website is safe or not.  
  • How to stay a step ahead of people using psychology to trick us.  
  • Easy ways to protect and safeguard data.
  • Device safety for the phones, tablets and other mobile data storage we walk around with.

Who Can Benefit from Security Awareness Training? 

The short answer is everyone. Whether you are a student, a business owner, manager, or someone surfing the internet, Security Awareness Training is something everyone unquestionably should do.  

Why Bother with Security Awareness Training for Employees?  

We will break it up here for you:  

  • Less Risk: With training, you are less likely to fall for scams or get hit with cyber-attacks. That means fewer headaches! Not to mention most insurance policies now require it.
  • More productivity: When you know how to protect yourself, you can focus on what you are doing without worrying about security. 
  • Reputation: If you run a business, a security breach can hurt your reputation. Security Awareness Training helps you keep your customers’ trust. 

Getting Started with Security Awareness Training  

Now that we have covered why it’s essential, here is how to get going: 

First, find a training program. There are a lot of different Cyber Awareness Training platforms. The best course of action is to talk to your IT provider. They can assist with your Security Awareness Training.  Second, set your goals! What do you want to achieve with your training?

  • Stop employees from falling for phishing emails
  • Reduce the number of employees that click on everything
  • Become a pro at password safety

When you have your goals set, then stay consistent. Security awareness training is not a one and done thing. The goal is to make this a part of your company culture. Also, stay Updated! Cyber threats are always changing. The last thing you want to do is fall behind on what is happening in the world. It could be something affecting your industry! Lastly, encourage others. If you are a part of a group or business, get others involved. To do security awareness training correctly, it is a team effort.  

Security Awareness Training may sound like you are going to be drinking from the firehose, but it is your ticket to keeping your business or yourself safe online. It is about giving you the tools to protect yourself, your data, and your digital world. Cyber attacks are happening all around us. Don’t wait. Start your Security Awareness Training today.  

Reach out if you need assistance with getting this set-up for your organization. We would love to have a conversation and see how we could help you!