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Our Mission

3rd Element was created by two dedicated IT professionals who were tired of the status quo. Their vision was to create a place that didn’t discriminate and could accommodate employees of different backgrounds and abilities. So, they did it.

Each day we strive to exceed the expectations of our clients by forming long-term relationships with them built on honesty, integrity, and fun. Our team makes what’s important to you, important to us. That understanding helps embrace and drive change, making you a leader in your market space.

Company Overview

3rd Element Consulting is a woman-owned corporation. We are a Managed IT Service Provider. So what makes us different? We are an awesome little company backed by big awesome companies like Microsoft, GreenLink, and Synnex. For more than a decade, we’ve worked with law enforcement and first responders. Their IT has to work; lives can hang in the balance. We’ve solved IT problems and inefficiencies for them, and we can solve them for you too. The businesses that partner with us Consider IT Solved. 

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Our Story

After being discriminated against and harassed at other IT firms, Dawn, our CEO, finally had enough.  She formed 3rd Element with Dave, our COO.  3rd Element was created in 2005, as a subsidiary of a local physical security group.  As more physical security was going to IT based products, security installers and the facilities folks didn’t know how to interface with IT.  We as IT experts, became the 3rd element in all of the security projects.  In just under a year, we became our own corporation, moved into our own offices, and hired employees.

In the last decade we have moved three times, landing in Old Town Mechanicsburg.  The oldest residence there came up for sale, and we bought it.  We took what was once a dry goods store, then a mansion house as it was added on to and turned it into a high tech office.  In the last year, we’ve won a number of industry awards, doubled in size and are poised to do so again by end of 2020.

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Our Team

Dawn Sizer

Dave Sizer

Heidi Knaub

Jason Perlman

Connor Sizer

Director of Barketing

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Let's get your business strategy and IT aligned so you can Consider it Solved.

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