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Ensure your technology performs when the stakes are high.

In the industries we serve, getting security-focused, strategic and personalized IT support from a trusted technology partner is key. Whether you’re a small or large organization, in today’s high-stakes working environments we know how much depend on your technology working the way it should.

We are able to do this with:

No Long Term Contracts: We believe you should have the freedom to work with the Managed Service Provider who best supports your goals.

Flat-Rate Agreements: Our flat-rate agreements ensure that you can always get support without worrying about the impact on your budget.

Predictable Costs: Surprises have no place in your IT investment. Plan ahead with confidence in our fully transparent pricing and billing.

Stateside Only Support: We commit to never outsourcing support offshore. You can count on personal service from individuals who know you and your organization.

No Subcontractors: Awesome service is our standard. That means we deliver all our work through in-house, experienced engineers and stand by the quality of our work

Explore our Core Verticals


We understand the business in all phases of operation, from planning a new location to day-to-day needs and security. 


Helping you manage your compliance and technology needs to keep you and your clients information secure.

Local Government

Secure, discreet, and CJIS compliant. We've been a preferred tech partner since our inception.


BAA's and HIPAA are our language. Helping you through the requirements is part of the service.


Our clients are efficient case processing machines through training, automation, and LoB integration.


CMMC trained for those that need it. We make sure your business runs smoothly, instead of it running you.

Pro Services

From Architects and Insurance to Logistics and Marketing, we both understand providing outstanding work.

Small Business

Each SMB has different challenges. Our proven process ensures your technology needs are met.

More businesses should be as fortunate to have such an amazing team representing them.

I’ve been working with 3rd Element for over a decade. I can’t say enough about the team. They are able to assist with every issue we encounter and every question we have. Big or small issues are given prompt attention.   - Law Enforcement Client

Outstanding customer service and availability to deploy additional equipment rapidly.

3rd Element has helped our business grow from a small local company to 300+ employees state wide with on demand managed IT services. Extremely grateful that the 3rd element team is our IT partner and looking forward to continued growth. - Cannabis/Healthcare Client

Their focus on network security is unsurpassed.

We have worked with 3rd Element for almost 30 years. They have been quick to respond to calls and have worked with us to accomplish our goals within a reasonable budget.  - Local Government Client

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness & Value

This is a top quality, professional team. They truly care. We are so glad for their referral. Saved us time and money. Can not say enough good about the whole team.  - Manufacturing Client

Prompt, efficient, and courteous

3rd Element does things with a prompt, efficient, and courteous manner.  I’ve found them to be reliable and knowledgeable, not to mention I love Jason, he is fabulous. - Legal Client

They listened and got to know our business and the specific needs

The security of our client’s private and personal information was our foremost concern followed by a dependable computer system.  We know that when we walk in the door each and every morning we will have a functioning computer system. 3rd Element has the ability and knowledge to make anything work, plus they are extremely pleasant to do business with. - Insurance Client


Transform your organization

With Microsoft 365 and Azure

Download our ebook and and get your questions answered about costs, scale, and security.  Power up your decision making with facts from our cloud experts.

Frequently Asked questions

For expert IT Solutions and Support, you’ve come to the right place


Every business is a little different. A common factor is that you don’t want bills every time you have an issue or need. We include almost everything we offer in our managed services for a fixed fee. The exceptions are projects, programming, and training. If you don’t see something you’re looking for, ask?  IT is broad and we don’t list every capability we have.


We serve small to mid sized companies of 10 to ~150 in a fully managed environment. If you have internal IT we can support you in a co-managed environment where we have clearly defined roles.


Contact our experts and let’s have a conversation about your specific needs. If we can help you meet them, we will.  If not, we may be able to recommend a group like ours that can.


3rd Element is a very diverse team headquartered in PA, with a satellite office in Houston, TX. We serve clients that are headquartered or have satellite offices throughout the US. Where you are isn’t important, but being a good partner is.

Business starts with a Conversation.

group of IT professionals talking during meeting

We want to get to know you as people before we get to know you as business partners. So, let’s find some time to sit down and discuss your needs and how we can meet them. We promise not to bring pamphlets, charts, flyers, graphs, USB sticks with sketchy software, or anything else to the meeting.

We want to focus on you and your needs, not ourselves and what we can sell you. If we meet your criteria and you meet ours, we’ll streamline your technology and help your business thrive.

Every contact button further up the page will send you to a contact form and we will get back to you shortly. The button below will send you to our calendar. Set a meeting with our team and we'll buy you coffee or a drink.