Co-Managed IT Services

When resources, time, or experience are limited, turn to 3rd Element for the Co-Managed IT expertise you need to lead or support your projects and initiatives.

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What are Co-Managed IT Services?

Even top-notch internal IT teams need additional support to handle the accountabilities that come with managing IT infrastructure, predicting and responding to cyber threats, and maintaining optimal performance standards. The solution to this problem is co-managed IT.  Your business can combine the convenience and control of in-house IT with the added knowledge, expertise, tools, and scale of a managed services provider (MSP).

3rd Element’s co-managed IT services fill in the gaps where your technology staff needs further bandwidth or experience.  We further empower your IT team to focus their energies on increasing efficiency, strengthening security, and reducing downtime.

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With Co-Managed IT Services, You can Experience:

Why are Co-Managed IT Services important?

IT requirements are constantly shifting, and so too are your responsibilities. Working with 3rd Element means you can offload some of your team’s ongoing tasks like Governance, Risk, and Compliance and Cybersecurity, including MDR with a SOC.  

You are able to augment or enhance the efficacy of your IT program with innovative technology tools and guidance you may otherwise not have access to, or be able to price justify. This frees your IT team to focus on high value internal projects.   

Whether you need us on an ongoing basis or for a single project, consider us an extension of your team and a reliable resource available to you when you need it most.

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How do our partners benefit from Co-Managed IT Services?

Business starts with a Conversation.

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We want to get to know you as people before we get to know you as business partners. So, let’s find some time to sit down and discuss your needs and how we can meet them. We promise not to bring pamphlets, charts, flyers, graphs, USB sticks with sketchy software, or anything else to the meeting.

We want to focus on you and your needs, not ourselves and what we can sell you. If we meet your criteria and you meet ours, we’ll streamline your technology and help your business thrive.

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