Cybersecurity For Business

Every minute your security isn’t working puts your organization, people, and clients at risk. 

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CyberSecurity Services

Security is at the forefront of everything we do, from building a cybersecurity strategy to business continuity plans.

Remember when company data was stored on paper, filed away in cabinets, and secured behind locked doors? Then, locks, alarms, and security guards used to protect your data. Now, Cybersecurity for your business does the same thing.

Companies now store data digitally. We can protect your information with digital locks, software-based alarms, and 24/7 on-call support. We use enterprise-level security solutions like Zero Trust and Managed Detection & Response to ensure your data is safe and secure.

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What can Cybersecurity services do?

Why is cybersecurity for business important?

Will your clients trust you after you have a cyber incident, or their personal data is breached?  This is the question that matters. 

Getting cybersecurity for your business not only protects you and your client data from internal and external threats, but also increases efficiency, productivity, and cost-savings. Cybercrime was a $6 Trillion industry in 2021. By stopping attacks before they begin, a solid cybersecurity solution can save your business over $100,000.

By using Zero Trust software, Managed Detection & Response, and other top-tier strategies, you have the freedom to focus on what’s next for your business business instead of worrying about cyberthreats.

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How do our clients benefit from cybersecurity?

Password Management

Arm your business with easy to access enterprise-level encryption and password management. It works as an app or a browser extension in Chrome, Edge, or Firefox. Create a culture of security and compliance with comprehensive auditing and reporting capabilities. Know who in your company has access to what passwords and when they were last changed. Be able to grant and terminate access to websites, applications, and data with ease.

Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

Many cybersecurity products on the market today lack real-time threat response. Once a breach has occurred, those products can no longer help. You need the right tools to put an end to the attack before any real damage is done. MDR provides this real-time threat response by detaining infected devices instantly. The minute a breach occurs, it identifies those parts of the system and prevents them from connecting to the rest of the network. Then, MDR locks the threat out of your network, so your critical assets and data remain safe.

Security Awareness & Phishing Training

Cybercrime has gone pro. Fight back by turning your team into security superstars. We provide education on the latest scams and cybercrime strategies and use ongoing training to keep your team on their toes. Turn training into a game and let team members compete with each other in learning how to spot a phish!

Zero Trust Architecture

Allow what you need, and block the rest is the premise behind zero trust. It stops your people, applications, and commands from being weaponized against your organization. Just in time elevation control, so no one is ever stopped in their tracks from working. Storage control over your network shares, individual files, and devices including USB drives. Achieve compliance easier, and lower your cyber insurance costs. 


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