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Technology can be a headache you don’t need. Whether you are designing a new dispensary, or retrofitting and existing facility, 3rd Element will optimize and integrate the hardware, software, applications and the Cannabis IT Services you need to drive business efficiently, day one. Our technical team is equally passionate about customer experience as it is about innovation and works to deliver the technology you need to achieve operational efficiency.

Cannabis IT Services

Let us run your technology, so you can run your business. In addition to complete IT design and implementation services, 3rd Element also delivers complete, 24x7x365 management, monitoring and maintenance of your IT infrastructure. Our experts ensure that your technical operations run flawlessly so you have time to focus on your business. We focus on Cannabis Cybersecurity, so you don’t have to worry about hackers either.


What do IT Services for Cannabis do for you?

Do I need IT Support for Cannabis?  I have a PoS System.

Running your business touches multiple business applications – from retail point-of-sale solutions and inventory management to back office solutions for customer relationship management (CRM), finance and accounting, project management and more.

Without adequate compliance, Cannabis cybersecurity and continuity your operation will be vulnerable. We work closely with you to support your setup, simplify your operations, and provide seamless, one-stop-shop IT Support for Cannabis.


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Although we don’t handle it directly we work closely with a number of consultants that can help with everything from startup and licensure to finance and operations.  We’re happy to make that introduction, contact us.


We don’t do IT business in Alaska, Hawaii, or California – yet. For cannabis we have helped clients in 7 states.


No company can truly offer you a guarantee.  There is the human element to take into consideration, as well as zero day exploits. We are confident that you are secure as you can be, while still being able to work efficiently.

Being focused on Cannabis cybersecurity we have a number of safe guards in place including:

  • Automated and regular vulnerability patching
  • Security awareness – training people to spot phishing emails.
  • Firewalls
  • Endpoint detection and response
  • Security Operations Center that watches for malicious activity on the network and in the cloud.
  • Password Management and Policies
  • Zero Trust Technology (deny unknown programs by default)
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Data Encryption
  • And much more…



Transform your organization

With Microsoft 365 and Azure

Download our ebook and and get your questions answered about costs, scale, and security.  Power up your decision making with facts from our cloud experts.

Business starts with a Conversation.

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We want to get to know you as people before we get to know you as business partners. So, let’s find some time to sit down and discuss your needs and how we can meet them. We promise not to bring pamphlets, charts, flyers, graphs, USB sticks with sketchy software, or anything else to the meeting.

We want to focus on you and your needs, not ourselves and what we can sell you. If we meet your criteria and you meet ours, we’ll streamline your technology and help your business thrive.

Every contact button further up the page will send you to a contact form and we will get back to you shortly. The button below will send you to our calendar. Set a meeting with our team and we'll buy you coffee or a drink.