Antivirus - How does it work?

How Antivirus Works

How Antivirus Works Antivirus software is a multi-layered security strategy that is easy to apply to your devices.  Antivirus runs in the background, happily defending you from malware and viruses as you go about your day.  So, how does it do that, exactly? Traditional Method Traditional antivirus products use a series of signature files.  Their […]

Ransomware- 10 Easy Steps To Keep Safe

First off, let’s explain what a cyber attacks and ransomware are.  They are any type of offensive maneuver that targets computers, networks, and infrastructures by various means of malicious acts designed to steal, alter, or destroy data or targeted systems.  Recently, ransomware has become the poster child for attacks.  It is designed to infect a pc […]

Quick Steps in Outlook

Quick Steps in Outlook

Quick Steps in Outlook Quick Steps is a new feature in Microsoft Outlook that applies multiple actions at the same time to email messages, similar to Rules. They help you quickly manage your mailbox. For example, if you frequently move messages to a specific folder, you can use a Quick Step to move the message […]

What is Spear Fishing

What is Spear Phishing? Spear Phishing is the practice of sending emails ostensibly from a known or trusted sender in order to induce targeted individuals to reveal confidential information. Fancy words for a hacker sending an email to trick you into giving out your passwords or other information that could compromise your data, bank accounts, or […]