Our Favorite Tech We Can’t Live Without

3ec Favorite Tech

Everyone has a few things that they wouldn’t want to give up, no matter what.  In our office it runs the gamut from gadgets to software.  We have narrowed it down to out top 5.  Here’s our favorite tech we can’t live without.

Dawn’s Favorite’s  

  • Webroot’s Security Awareness Module – It’s way more fun than it should be to craft the tricky emails.  I know of few of you are still salty about being caught.  Sorry, not sorry.
  • Passportal – Password management has made my world a better, less jumbled place.
  • MDR – Managed Detection and Response.  Cybersecurity at it’s finest. Absolute and unified security that works hand in hand with Webroot.  
  • Monitor stands – How did we function before dual monitors were a thing?
  • Office 365 -I’m finally hating less on Microsoft now that the apps are finally working together.  Teams is a homerun in any business. 

 Dave’s Favorite Tech 

  • Datto PSA & RMM – These are business lifeblood tools that have had a huge impact on improving internal processes.
  • Passportal – I feel like I got back a few million brain cells when I no longer have to remember thousands of passwords.
  • Office 365 – Specifically OneDrive and Sharepoint are making a huge impact in how we can shift our client processes. 
  • Our Custom Servers – These have always been a rock-solid, reliable product for our clients, but our latest builds are absolute rockets at a tremendous value. 
  • HP USB-C Dock w/Audio – Absolutely the best laptop dock I have ever used, hands down. 

Noah’s Favorite’s 

  • HP Dock W/Audio – This is an amazing tool, and I have had no issues with it with connecting like I’ve had with other docks. One USB-C connection for power and data. It has a ton of ports for connecting auxiliary devices, and to top it all off it has a Bang & Olufsen speaker for when you want to listen to music while you’re working. 
  • Jabra Pro Headset – I’m on the phone quite a bit throughout the day speaking with our clients, and I love the ability to talk and move around, with no strings attached. This headset is comfortable and has a 200 foot range, so I can walk down to the kitchen for a snack without ever losing my call! 
  • Acer Monitors and Hydraulic arm stands – Having dual monitors has made it so much easier to multitask, not to mention they just look really nice! I love the hydraulic arm desk mount stands, because they make it very easy to adjust or move around my monitors.  
  • Logitech Group – This is a really cool video conferencing solution, that has an HD camera and conferencing hub. There are a lot of conferencing solutions out there, but if you’re looking for bang for your buck, look no further. Great for taking your meetings mobile.  
  • Microsoft Teams – This helps keep our entire crew connected and in communication. It stays out of your personal text messages, but is just as convenient to send a quick message. It also helps to organize our team conversations by topic for easy reference.  

Peter’s Favorite Tech 

  • Datto RMM  relatively easy dashboard to learn and become accustomed to with a punch, allowing for expansive automation capabilities. 
  • Passportal  This my first time using a password manager and now I can’t live without it. 
  • Wireless headsets  Typing and using a handset simultaneously gives me nothing but neck discomfort. This is a MUST for anyone that needs to type and talk on the phone at the same time. 
  • Our Lenovo M725s towers  In comparison to the HP towers that are currently deployed, these Lenovo’s are smoother and faster, making our clients happier. 
  • Bria Mobile – Being able to take work related calls without needing to manually set up call forwarding at my desk phone is a huge relief and will be my go-to option for whenever I’m on call. Allows for my personal phone number to not be distributed to our clients so I will actually pick up the phone since I would assume the number is just a robocall or telemarketer. 

 Jason’s Favorite’s 

  • Passportal – not having to remember hundreds of passwords or hunt down who knows which password is a great time saver. 
  • Wireless headset – Having both hands free to type and work while on the phone without having to strain my neck is a huge quality of life improvement. 
  • UniFi networking gear – Being able to centrally manage/control these products makes troubleshooting and implementing changes quicker and easier. 
  • Sharepoint/Office 365 – Being able to get to your data from anywhere securely has allowed many offices to improve their workflows and improve the productivity for remote workers. 
  • PfSense Firewalls – Fully featured firewalls at thousands less than other market leaders offers us the flexibility to to almost anything our clients need while saving them money in the process.  

 Isaac’s Favorite Tech 

  • Monitor Cable adapters – When installing new PCs and monitors for a client these things are a life saver! 
  • Passportal – Only needing to remember one password? I think yes! 
  • Datto RMM – Intuitive and simple rmm system that is packed full of features. 
  • Dual monitor stand – Who doesn’t like having more than one of something? Dual monitors increase productivity and workflow efficiency. 
  • Duo – A simple and effective 2FA application that allows you to push notifications straight to your phone. 

Connor’s Favorite’s

  • USB keys – They’re great for loading software as machines get prepped and ready for deployment
  • Office 365 – All my work is stored in Microsoft Planner inside of Teams.  Easy way to know what to do when.
  • Lenovo’s – They are easier and faster to prep than the HP’s
  • Wall mounts – We have monitors mounted in the lab for easy viewing and they’re off the workspace.
  • Xerox Scanners – Super Fast and accurate scanning.