What’s New with Teams & Microsoft 365 – An Infographic

New Features of Microsoft 365 & Teams Infographic Page 1
New Features of Microsoft 365 & Teams Infographic Page 2

New Updates to Teams

  • Audio clarity improved
  • Live reactions such as raising your hand have been added
  • You can use PowerPoint Live in Teams
  • You can use PowerPoint Live in Teams
  • Live Transcription with speaker attribution
  • Call Merging
  • Lenovo came out with Thinkbook pods for Teams (similar to Airpods)
  • Outlook reminders will have a Join Teams meeting option
  • You can start an approval process in Teams
  • Calendars have been added for channels
  • Kahoot! has been added as an app, so your users can learn as they play
  • There is a Join Teams Meeting option in Outlook meetings
  • Lists App comments have additional information fields
  • Teams Pro will include options for webinar
  • Teams meeting hosts can turn off the chat function and disable video for meeting users
  • Bulletins App – Read all company communications in one place
  • Milestones App – Team tracking status and activity logs
  • Guest access is now on by default in all newly created Teams
  • File sharing will be more like SharePoint
  • Shifts has added @ mentions and multi-team support

New Updates to Microsoft 365

  • Office for iPad
  • Predictive text is coming for Word
  • Org Charts for Visio
  • OneDrive will start supporting security groups
  • Natural Language query strings for Excel
  • Planner – More labels
  • Word – Dictation for iOS and Android
  • Lists – Rules follow SharePoint and Drop downs have been added
  • To-Do’s – List prediction
  • Exchange – Encryption updates
  • OneDrive – Expiring access to external users
  • Excel – Track tasks with @ mentions
  • Late start meetings from Outlook
  • Bookings – Clone calendars and add attachments to notification emails