How MSPs Protect Against Advanced Threats

MSPs protect your organization from advanced threats ranging from hackers to even your own employees.  If you have not yet, read what a Managed Service Provider is and take a look into how an MSP protects your organization.  This article is about about the more advanced threats and why an MSP is your best option to combat them to be sure you can Consider IT Solved.


Google defines malware as software that does damage to or disables computer systems for profit. It can include phishing threats, viruses, ransomware, spyware, etc. Years ago malware was very simple. Most malware attacks came from curious hackers who wanted to see what they could do. Today, profitability is the intent and function of malware. With the invention of ransomware and other digital money-making opportunities, malware has become exponentially more vicious.  Cyber-threats are keeping pace with advancing technology.  Consequently, even as new methods are developed to combat the threat, more advanced malware surface each day.

How an MSP protects against this advanced threat: Think of an MSP as your own digital army. Protect your organization with trained professionals who can fight cyber-battles for you.  In other words, no more trying to be an expert in Cybersecurity. Above all, partnering with an MSP takes the worry off your mind and allows you to Consider your IT Solved.

Hackers and Internal Threats

Hand-in-hand with malware, hackers are the human component behind cyberattacks.  For instance, someone has to program that evil bot, right? Many programmers become hackers because it pays well, for example. There are companies that specialize in it, and have developed tools that allow everyone with half a brain to get in on the action. With heavy competition like that, it’s a perfect environment to breed rockstar hackers. The bad news is, the more advanced they get, the more help an organization needs to protect itself.

The flip side to Hackers are the internal threats.  They are the malicious or naive employees, third party vendors, contractor and partners.  Internal threats can take many forms, but all cause damage or data loss. Many of these types of attacks go unnoticed for months.

How an MSP protects against this advanced threat: Just like with malware, partnering with an MSP allows you to Consider IT Solved.  The MSP monitors your network and all of your systems  24/7, this is called Managed Detection and Response.  As a result of that monitoring, attacks can be spotted and shut down before they do damage. Consequently, your organization’s network won’t have common vulnerabilities that most do. Your system is continuously monitored and any indicator of compromise is analyzed by an actual human.  If a threat is found, the root cause is identified, remediated and the incident is handled before damage is done.  The network will be hardened, and you can sleep easy at night knowing your organization is safe.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

BDR is a combination of data backup and disaster recovery solutions that work cohesively to ensure an organization’s business continuity.  Deleted file recovery is the simplest form of BDR, but that is only a good first step.  Because your organization likely needs more than a bunch of files to operate, it is important to consider all of the components of your business and what actually needs to be protected.  If designed properly, a good BDR can protect your organization from hardware failure, human error, software failure, or natural disaster.

How an MSP protects against this advanced threat:  Downtime is catastrophic to any organization.  The best offense is a good defense.  BDR is achieved by understanding the vulnerabilities, safeguarding against risks and preparing for the worst disruption.  Firstly, just like the rest of your network, the BDR system is monitored continuously.  Secondly, each day your MSP partner tests the backup and spins up the images of your servers.  In other words, we make certain it will work when your organization needs it most.  In conclusion, having an MSP partner take your BDR this seriously ensures that you will not suffer with downtime and can Consider IT Solved.

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