Managed Services

Managed Services – What Are They?

What Are Managed Services?

Managed services is a term that’s thrown around almost as much as acronyms are in IT. So for those of us who don’t know what it means or why it’s important, let’s get right to it.

Managed services are fully outsourced IT that takes care of all the headaches you normally associate with technology. Basically, if it’s IT-related, managed services lets you consider IT solved.

Now, a lot of people get the same look of confusion on their face when someone says managed services. And that’s normal. Just like the word jurisprudence make no sense to anyone but lawyers, or xerostomia makes no sense to anyone but those in the dental field.

What exactly can managed services save your business from?

Proactive monitoring is a well known feature of managed services. With this feature, a group of technicians constantly monitor your technology to ensure nothing fails. If a potential problem surfaces, these technicians will be all over it before it turns into an issue. Therefore, problems are fixed before you knew one existed.

Because of all this monitoring, you and your staff will experience very little downtime. Your IT is no longer sputtering out of control and choking on its lack of upkeep. It does what it should, when it should, no matter what. Why?  Because a group of technicians make sure that it does.

When you have fully managed technology, your technology is… well, fully managed. From routine maintenance and automatic upgrades to proactive monitoring and instant support, your technology remains consistent because it’s consistently taken care of.

In other words, hurdles are all but eliminated. Problems are identified and corrected immediately, and your business can remain productive and free of IT challenges and complications.

What does all this cost me?

Sure, you might still have a piece of hardware break down on you from time to time. And yeah, your network might have an issue or two every now and then. But with managed services, this won’t cost you anything. Your costs are a flat, monthly rate that only changes if you expand your business or upgrade your technology.

This means that those ridiculously large and out-of-control repair expenses go away completely. You finally have the full ability to successfully budget for your technology. No more guessing,  hoping, or praying. It is what it is and won’t change.

Everyone loves a surprise, right?

With the lovely combination of routine maintenanceproactive monitoring, and a flat, monthly rate, a fully managed technology solution removes the element of surprise from your IT. There will be no coming to work on a Monday morning only to discover a broken-down network. There will be no large repair fees to wait for. Lastly, there will be no dreading an eventual collapse of your data. Managed services isn’t a fan of surprises.

No more Googling, YouTube-ing, or calling that friend of a friend. You are no longer the wannabe IT guru, and you no longer have to act like you know what you’re doing.  You get a team of experts to handle IT, so you can consider IT solved.

So hire an MSP. If you need help or advice, just call us.  We are local to Carlisle, Harrisburg, Lancaster, York, Hanover and Gettysburg.