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What is The Elemental Edge?

It’s the White Glove approach to IT Service Delivery you experience that’s been honed over twenty years of business.

Your organization has its unique technologies, pain points, and opportunities. First, we commit to learning how you do business. Second we help you align your technology needs with your business strategy. Third, and most importantly, we create a comprehensive plan together.  Altogether, that helps your company meet its goals and improve overall productivity.

Working Together

As we develop your technology strategy, roadmap, and resource plan, we communicate it in terms you understand. Additionally we help you set a fixed budget. When you need us, we’re here to help with technical support and advice.

Our team holds standard certifications, and education is part of our culture. We are always at the forefront of technology, often teaching others in our industry.

Let us help you take your business to the next level with The Elemental Edge. Contact us today to get started.

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Elemental Edge Lifecycle

Business and IT Alignment

Alignment is strategic.

Solid strategy requires understanding. Firstly, we seek to understand your business now and as you continue to grow and evolve. Secondly, it is our job to provide you with all the information you need to make solid, informed decisions.

Doing periodic audits of your technology and security ensures everyone knows what we are working with as we plan together. Thirdly, you deserve quality, cost-effective solutions. Those start with a strategy based on open communication and complete information. This ensures improvements are always made that align with your business goals.

Service Planning

Once we agree on a strategy, our team works with you to establish short and long-term plans for implementing technology that fits that strategy. This often includes reviewing existing processes and services and helping build new, more efficient solutions to create measurable improvements in your organization.

Business Reviews

Communication is the key to any successful business relationship.  We will meet with you and your team regularly to address the changes and improvements made, the impact on your organization, and to be sure we are meeting your expectations.  Further, your dedicated account manager and technicians strive to stay in constant communication with your team so there is always productive discussion and understanding.

Consistent, Predictable IT

With your business and IT strategy in alignment, short- and long-term plans established, and lines of communication open and flowing, your organization gets a consistent and predictable infrastructure. This is the platform on which your business runs, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

Also, our dedicated technicians are available 24x7x365 to ensure that your systems are always running smoothly and efficiently.

Continual Service Improvement

Elemental Edge

Every day, your organization faces new challenges and strives to overcome them and grow. Like you, we face similar challenges and are never satisfied with mediocrity. Overall, we continually seek to improve the service we offer. We are there to support you in all those challenges and to help you and your organization find ways to keep improving.

Reclaim the freedom to focus on what's next for your organization

Every minute your technology isn't working puts your organization and people at risk. Optimize your technology and safeguard your infrastructure.


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