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Backup & Disaster Recovery Services

Our job is to help protect your business and staff from cyberthreats, both internal and external. Your security is our priority.

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What is modern Backup and Data Recovery?

BDR is a combination of data backup and disaster recovery solutions that work cohesively to ensure an organization’s business continuity. Deleted file recovery is the simplest form of BDR, but that is only a good first step. Because your organization likely needs more than a bunch of files to operate, it is important to consider all of the components of your business and what actually needs to be protected. If designed properly, a good BDR can protect your organization from hardware failure, human error, software failure, or natural disaster.

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But what can it really do?

Why is all of that important?

Downtime is catastrophic to any organization, yet 58% of businesses aren’t prepared for data loss. Our clients aren’t part of the 58%. Many would experience life safety issues. We take that very seriously, so we believe that best offense is a good defense and BDR is the defense. Firstly, just like the rest of your network, the BDR system is monitored continuously. Secondly, each day your MSP partner tests the backup and spins up the images of your servers. In other words, we make certain it will work when your organization needs it most. In conclusion, having an MSP partner take your BDR this seriously ensures that you will not suffer with downtime and can Consider IT Solved.

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How do our partners benefit from Backup and Data Recovery?

Risk Assessment
and Response

Identifying hazards and risk factors that affect your business is neither fun nor exciting. We have a dynamic, intelligent, cloud-based solution that is fun and exciting. It can guide you through risk assessments and help you create response plans. It’s even flexible enough to be affordable for the smallest of businesses and able to be activated at the push of a button.

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