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Cybersecurity Services for Business

Our job is to help protect your business and staff from cyberthreats, both internal and external. Your security is our priority.

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What does Cybersecurity really mean?

Remember when company data was stored on paper, filed away in cabinets, and behind locked doors? Criminals would have to break into the building and take the papers in order to have access to sensitive information. The safeguards like locks, alarm systems, and real people kept most criminals out. It took effort to break in.

Move forward a few years and times have changed. Your data is now stored digitally. Breaking in is as easy as knowing a password, or stealing credentials. The locks, alarm systems and security guards have been replaced with Cybersecurity.

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What can Cybersecurity Services really do?

Why is all of that important?

Having a proper security assessment done by experts is the first step to having a solid cybersecurity strategy. Vulnerabilities are identified in the assessment. Corrective measures can then be taken to protect your business. Training your staff is the next step in your strategy. You don’t want your business to be the next featured story on the news as the business who was easy prey for a cybercriminal.

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How do our clients benefit from cybersecurity services?

Password Management

Arm your business with easy to access military-grade encryption and Password Management. Works as an app or a browser extension in Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox. Create a culture of security and compliance with comprehensive auditing and reporting capabilities. Know who in your company has access to what passwords and when they were last changed. Be able to grant access to websites, applications, and data with ease and terminate access just as easy.

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Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

Cyber security products on the market today lack real-time threat response. Hackers will find a way to breach your network no matter how many preventative measures are put in place. You need the right tools to put an end to the hack before mayhem occurs. MDR provides this threat response by detaining infected devices instantly. The hacker is kicked out of your network and your critical assets and data are safe.

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Security Awareness & Phishing Training

Cybercrime has gone pro. The only way to fight back is to turn your users into security guards instead of the weak link in your network security. They need to be trained and then stay on their toes, keeping security top of mind. Using gamification, your employees can compete against their peers while learning to spot a Phish!

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