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How To Protect Your Mobile Devices

How To Protect Your Mobile Devices Every year, an obscene number of mobile devices are stolen and lost; however, the exact number of devices suffering from these fates is up for debate. We casually leave our phones and tablets in shopping carts, public restrooms, and on top of restaurant tables.  Sometimes they grow legs and jump […]

Security Awareness Training Information

Cyber criminals don’t just slip into your network without the help of some serious hacking skills. In fact, there’s a much simpler way to do that, through your employees.  Social engineering is a tactic hackers are using more and more frequently to infiltrate systems. It involves a variety of approaches that focus on manipulating employees […]

7 Steps To A BYOD Policy

7 steps to a BYOD Policy If there were only 7 steps to a BYOD policy, would you have one in place?  The consumerization of IT devices like phones and tablets has highlighted the need for bring your own device policies.  Employees use their own devices for business tasks whether their IT department support them […]

Active Content and Cookies for Cybersecurity

Active Content and Cookies for Cybersecurity

Active content and cookies are aspects of modern web-browsing experiences that many people may not understand. This lack of understanding may lead some web users to compromise the security of their personal information. Fortunately, a basic understanding of the ways that active content and cookies work on your system can help. What is Active Content? […]

Cloud Computing – To Cloud or Not to Cloud

That is the question. Where is the cloud? Everyone is talking about cloud computing these days and for good reason. The cloud is revolutionizing how computing power is generated and consumed. Cloud refers to software and services that run on the Internet, instead of locally on your computer. When tech companies say your data is […]

IT Security and Cybersecurity

IT Security and Cybersecurity

Let’s Talk About IT Security IT security and cybersecurity are a set of strategies that prevent unauthorized access to organizational assets.  These assets are browsers, computers, networks, and data. The goal of IT security is to maintain the accessibility, integrity, and confidentiality of sensitive information.  IT security blocks the access of hackers, educates your organization and prepares […]

How MSPs Protect Against Advanced Threats

MSPs protect your organization from advanced threats ranging from hackers to even your own employees.  If you have not yet, read what a Managed Service Provider is and take a look into how an MSP protects your organization.  This article is about about the more advanced threats and why an MSP is your best option to combat them to […]