3rd Element Consulting CEO, Dawn Sizer, Interview with CEOCFO Magazine

CEO of 3rd Element Consulting, Dawn Sizer, was recently interviewed by CEOCFO Magazine regarding aligning business strategy to IT as a vehicle for growth.

Here’s an excerpt:

CEOCFO: When you are starting with a new client what do you look for about their company and situation that less knowledgeable people might not realize is important?

Ms. Sizer: We do not necessarily look at what they are doing with their IT first, we look at what they are doing with their business. We want to work with people who have a specific mindset toward their business, centered around growth. We like to start by reviewing or helping to create a business strategy with them and align IT directly to that strategy. This helps be sure that IT becomes a vehicle for growth instead of simply an expense.

CEOCFO: Are you surprised that many of your clients do not have a well thought-out strategy?

Yes, I am continually surprised that so many business owners do not have a strategy. They aren’t thinking about work flows or internal processes that can save them time, effort and energy. Sitting down with another business and talking through their processes brings up additional information for them to consider. This sparks ideas of where to go next with their business.

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